American Iranian Friendship Council

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Petition to Mayor of Seattle

Honorable Seattle City Council Members;
PO Box 94749
Seattle, WA 98124-4749

Dear Mayor Nickels and Council Members:

We the signatories of this petition are interested in the future of Iran and the rest of the Middle East and it is out of that concern that we write to strongly oppose and warn against any military option in Iran. The catastrophic regional and global consequences of escalating this crisis will not serve the interests of the United States, the course of democratic development in Iran or the cause of global peace. Coercive diplomacy and/or military action will lead to further militarization of the region and pressures on civil society movement in Iran, resulting in increased destabilization of the Middle East.
Our economy has already paid a great price and our people have suffered immensely for the Bush administration’s war policies in the Middle East. The funds that should be invested in our communities and wellbeing of our children are spent daily in Iraq. Furthermore the future of our economy and prosperity of our generations are put at risk by the deficits that the administration has created.
We are asking you and the rest of the City Council as our elected leaders to act responsibly and reflect our request to solve this crisis by using a true and honest diplomacy with Iran. We ask that City of Seattle joins other progressive city governments in condemning an escalation of the war into Iran.

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