American Iranian Friendship Council

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Mission Statement


We, concerned friends of Iran and the United States,
seek, together, to know more of each other.
We seek to clarify what we may do, together,
to assure the safety, health and education
of our cherished children.
We seek to know how best to come together
in sharing our strength of spirit,
breadth of knowledge,
the power of our collective will
in order to draw from our past
the best in service
to our children’s future.


We are a non-partisan network of peace and justice activists united to promote sustainable and humanizing dialogue between Americans and Iranians. We are members of a variety of organizations that share a vision of a world free from nuclear threat and military conflict. We stand in urgent opposition to a policy of preemption against Iran.


• To create public education efforts to expose the deeper causes and civilian consequences of military conflicts in the Middle East.
• To create a forum for awareness, alliance, friendship and action to prevent a new military conflict between the U.S. and Iran.
• To deepen knowledge and understanding of the culture and contributions of Iran and Iranian-Americans.
Our ultimate purpose is to bring the United States and Iran together to build bridges and common understanding of the mutual peril of war and of the rights of all peoples to non-violent means for resolution of conflicts.
In our working together we will stay away from our political differences in favor of our common goal which is to foster mutual understanding and friendship, and to avoid violence and war. We as AIFC do not endorse or oppose the behavior of either government, but will work to lobby both governments to follow a path that leads to face to face, good faith negotiations.