American Iranian Friendship Council

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

AIFC took part in the March 18th and 19th Peace marches and services in Portland

As one of the members of the March 18 rally coalition, AIFC was invited to speak and Jackie Spurlock spoke to the rally that brought approximately 15,000 people to the South Park Blocks in downtown Portland. Thousands stopped at the AIFC table, asked questions and purchased buttons and bumper stickers. We also distributed thousands of post cards with the "No War on Iran" message. It was very amazing to see people who have served in the past in Iran, come and talk to us, wanting to support our cause.
Gabriele Ross one of our active member has this to share:" all of you for coming yesterday. I am sure I am not the only one who encountered an amazing mix of people, many with surprising connections to Iran. Two examples that struck me the most:

There was a young woman from Bulgaria who introduced herself by saying: "In my country everybody knows Iran is next." I must have looked a bit puzzled. She then explained to me that many of the US bases that used to be in Western Europe and were closed due to pressure from the populous there, were moved to Eastern Europe. Bulgaria has many of those bases now, and apparently there has been a tremendous increase in activity in recent weeks. She said "New bombers are arriving every day." According to this woman there is an open discussion in the Bulgarian press about this activity laying the groundwork for bombing Iran and the implications this may have for Bulgaria.
The other person that really touched me was a young man who came to donate his posters at the end of the march. There were beautiful photos of people and places in Iran and he had written things like "Is this your enemy?" on them. Turns out he is the child of an Iranian and an American parent, born in the US, went to Iran for the first time 3 months ago, met the relatives, learned Farsi - and fell in love with the place. He was very disturbed by the possibility of an attack and relieved to find AIFC."

AIFC also had a representative at a Peace sermon at the First Unitarian Church that afternoon and at March 19th, the 4th anniversary of the Iraq War event the next day.